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Translations for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

As a translation service provider for chemistry, pharmacy and toxicology, Termbase offers translations of drug studies, research papers, package inserts or operating instructions, as well as translations with reference to chemistry into English, German, French or Spanish and almost all other languages. Our chemistry division is closely linked to our medical translation service in order to cover professional overlaps in the best possible way. Professional quality management and project support individually tailored to your requirements guarantee translations that are flawless in terms of language and content and secure a high level of customer satisfaction. Simply contact our customer service.

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Translation services for chemical production & marketing

Would you like to have documents from the chemical or pharmaceutical sector translated? We guarantee competent and professional handling of your translation project in accordance with the quality standards of the international norm for translation service providers ISO 17100. All our translations are carried out exclusively by professional translators with experience in the chemical industry and undergo a final quality check. We would also be pleased to carry out a sample translation for you and to advise you personally in advance. Alternatively, you can simply send us your documents by e-mail to receive a free quote.


Would you like to have documents translated relating to the fields of inorganic chemistry, plastics, fertilisers, pharmaceuticals or drug marketing? Our translation service for chemicals and pharmaceuticals can provide you with translations for detergents and cleaning agents, cosmetics, paints and varnishes as well as related studies or technical documentation in over 60 languages.


In addition to translations in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese, our team also counts translators for Danish, Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian, as well as for Eastern European languages such as Russian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Albanian, Turkish or Greek.


The translation of Asian languages completes our programme. This includes translations for chemical products in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic or Hebrew. Other languages or dialects, such as translators for Swiss German or Canadian French, can be requested from our customer service.

Professional pharmaceutical translations for research, trade and consumers

The chemical industry is one of the most innovative and research-intensive sectors of manufacturing and is therefore particularly characterised by its extensive and increasingly complex variety of products. The products range from plastics, fertilisers and pesticides to pharmaceuticals and medical devices, cosmetics, additives, clothing and cleaning agents. Only 15 per cent of chemical and pharmaceutical production goes directly to the consumer. A large part is supplied to other industrial companies for further processing. That shows that cooperation at the global level has long since become the norm. Business partners are particularly dependent on precise and effective exchange. Furthermore, consumers and professionals need to be adequately informed about the products and their use. We provide you with expert support and advice on communicating in an international context and translate your documents with a focus on the fields of chemistry, pharmacy and toxicology. In us you will find a reliable and competent partner for high-quality chemical translations

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